Have you ever wondered where your car has been before you got it?  Who cleans it after its ocean voyage?  What if it came off the boat with a scratch or dent?  Maybe a tire is flat or a window is broken. Who fixes that?  How do they match paint if it's needed?  How does it get from the port to your dealer?  Do they have to tell you if something was damaged and has been repaired?  

Visit the Vehicle Delivery Center in Oxnard and see what happens to your BMW (or MINI or Rolls Royce) before it reaches your dealer.

Your entry fee ($23) includes a gourmet lunch, including multiple entrees, choice of sides, soft drinks and dessert.  

Children are allowed.  Pets are not allowed (except service animals).

All participants must stay with their group at all times.

The main parking lot is reserved for Z3 Coupes and M Coupes.  There is street parking and other designatated non-Dork parking available.  You may purchase a VDC 2018 Dorkfest shirt even if you don't bring/own a Z3/M Coupe.

The Mullin Automotive Museum is less than 10 miles from the Delivery Center.  You will have time to visit it after lunch: museum ticket holders will be served lunch first.  The Mullin requires that you purchase tickets online before your tour date.  After you have registered for the VDC tour, you will receive an email with the link to their ticket outlet.